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The Wonders of Canvas Art

Canvas art is not a new concept for artists or art lovers. Canvas has been the medium for creating and preserving fine art since time immemorial. With the wonders of modern technology however the definition of canvas art has now extended beyond art and paintings. The advent of giclee has now made it possible to convert our cherished photographs to priceless canvas photos which can be enjoyed and preserved for generations to come.

Giclee is a French term which denotes liquid spray of paint or colors. It is basically an inkjet printing method which creates sophisticated and advanced digital prints on canvas, paper as well as cloth though its renditions on canvas are by far the most popular and finest. When printed on canvas their fine reproductions make fine canvas art an easy reach for all. Art lovers now can own more than mere reproductions and art prints. With the giclee canvas they can boast owning a beautiful piece of art which is exactly like the original, only not as expensive.
Art on giclee canvas created museum quality reproductions with rich colors and fine resolutions making vivid images a part of your home. It is processed by using high quality archival inks instead of dyes. As a result they last longer than any normal prints, sometimes beyond generations. The entire production is carried out in a controlled atmosphere were the pigment printing and archival inks create subtle color gradations and richer print renditions. So much so that you may find it impossible to differentiate between the original from the reproduction.
These canvas picture prints are easy to maintain and keep as they high durability and are less prone to external damage, are waterproof and smudge proof as well. And not just mere prints on canvas. With the giclee technology you can now convert your favorite photograph or a nature shot to look like real paintings by choosing brush stroke options on canvas.
Canvas art lasts for a much longer time than simple photographs or regular canvas work. But there are certain ways to ensure that they stay the same for years to come. You must take care to hang them in areas which are least exposed to outer weather conditions and never expose them to sunlight. They need to be regularly cleaned with soft dry cloth. Make sure there is never any moisture on them. Always frame your canvas photo in an acid free frame to ensure maximum preservation. With simple measures like these you can chronicle and save your precious life moments for your grandchildren and theirs with ease.