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Custom Canvas Prints: Sizes & Prices

Photogonia specializes in large canvas prints. You can order custom canvas print tailored to your specific sizes as well as any size large canvas print (up to 56 inches wide any length).

Check our competitive rates on large canvas prints and flexible custom canvas print sizes.

Canvas, 1.5

Canvas, 1.5" Stretch Bar

Acrylic W/ Hang Wire

Acrylic W/ Hang Wire


2" Acrylic Block





5" x 7"
NA NA $69.00 NA NA
8" x 10"
$50.00 NA $159.00 NA NA
8" x 12"
$63.00 NA $179.00 NA NA
10" x 10"
$65.00 NA NA NA NA
10" x 15"
$72.00 NA NA NA NA
11" x 14"
$77.00 $96.00 NA $96.00 $96.00
12" x 12"
$76.00 $90.00 NA $90.00 $90.00
12" x 18"
$89.00 $134.00 NA $134.00 $134.00
16" x 20"
$113.00 $199.00 NA $199.00 $199.00
16" x 24"
$99.00 $238.00 NA $238.00 $238.00
20" x 20"
$123.00 $248.00 NA $248.00 $248.00
20" x 30"
$138.00 $372.00 NA $372.00 $372.00
24" x 24"
$160.00 $357.00 NA $357.00 $357.00
24" x 36"
$170.00 $536.00 NA $536.00 $536.00
30" x 40"
$239.00 $744.00 NA $744.00 NA
36" x 36"
$239.00 $804.00 NA $804.00 $804.00



Color Options
Full Color
Full Color
Prints your image with the original color intact.
Sepia tone
Sepia Tone
Prints your image with a Sepia tone applied, imitating an antique scale of color.
Black & White
Black & White
Prints your image using a Black and White scale of color.
Basic Editing Details
Red-Eye Removal
Red-Eye Removal
Removes red-eyes often caused by the flash from a camera.
Basic Color Fix
Basic Color Fix
We will adjust the color tones using tools which will naturally brighten your photo and enhance the color.
Stamp removal
Stamp Removal
Removes the unwanted date and time stamp from your photo.
Advanced Editing Details
Blemish removal
Blemish Removal
Removes most blemishes that are unwanted from your photo.
Focus adjustment
Focus Adjustment
We can tighten and adjust the focus on your photos, for a cleaner, sharper appearance.

Shipping Costs
Shipping costs vary by product weight, distance from our facility in Hawthorne California and level of delivery service selected. Check the Fedex website for ground transit times shipping from zip code 90250.

International Shipping
We are thrilled to be sharing our happy products with international customers! Just be aware that tariffs and taxes are not implemented by our company, but government policies that are beyond our control. Please expect additional monies to be collected at the time of delivery to pay for government taxes and tariffs.


Standard Edge & Stretcher Bar Options
Stretcher Bar Options
Your purchase will include a museum
wrap on a 1.5" thick stretcher bar.

Museum wrap means your photo will wrap
completely around, displaying just as this
sample shows when hung.

** Unless you have chosen one of
the many customized border options.
Stretcher Bar Options
Museum Wrap Cropping
Wrap around Options

With all standard order that come
with Museum Wrapping, you need
to keep in mind the edges that will wrap.
Make sure the focal point of your
photo in not directly on the edge.

Customized border option
Solid options
Solids: We offer a number of solid options.
Color matching

Photo Color Matching: We also allow you to customize your color, by our Photo Color Matching option. Simply select the question mark box upon ordering and type in what color from your photo you would like us to match. For example, the above sample was typed in like this: "Match the pink from her bathing suit strap".


Acrylic Mounting Options