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Get your photo on to canvas

For years photo frames have been adorning our homes, cherishing and framing all our beloved and fond memories, graciously depicting people who make a house a real home. This experience can be enhanced manifold when you get your photo on to canvas. 

Canvas printing add a larger than life feeling to the photos. Imagine the varied ways in which you can create your own masterpiece to adorn the walls of your living room. You can opt for a canvas photo collage of a family photographs or probably the best shot nature photography from your recent vacation. And if all these can be obtained at an easily affordable price and with a personal touch, who would miss buying the expensive paintings to decorate homes anymore?

 How to get your photo on to canvas? 

  • Decide what you would like to get transferred on to canvas: It can range from a self-portrait, a family photograph, or your own fine art creation. It could also be a collage of multiple photographs. You can base your decision depending on the room you want to hang it in, the person you want to gift it to or maybe the occasion it is for. If it’s your bedroom, a lovely picture of you and your spouse would be a nice touch, a family portrait on canvas in the living room should be perfect. 

Canvas picture prints can be a fun way to encourage your kids painting skills by decorating your or kid’s room with a canvas print of one of their own paintings. It could either be an oil painting a water color one or a digital creation by your child.

  • Decide the size of the canvas: Size of the canvas will define its cost. There is wide range of sizes that you can choose from. Thus keep in mind your budget and your needs while choosing the size of your custom canvas print. It could be as small as an 8” x 10” or as bid as a 40” x 60”. You can check the available options from the manufacturer or printer. If it’s the only thing that will adorn your living room a large landscape canvas print would be ideal.

Once you decide on the above all you need to do is get in touch with a canvas print service provider. You can place your order online. If your photograph needs a little correction, most providers do minor retouching like red eye reduction, sharpening of shaky images, etc. for free. For major retouches you may need to spend a little more.