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Giclée Prints

Invented by printmaker Jack Duganne, Giclée is a kind of sophisticated printing method done with inkjet. Giclee (zhee-klay or jhee-clay) is basically a French term which means a spray of liquid. It is focused at creating finer digital prints on a number of mediums – paper, canvas and at times cloth. Giclee prints are a fine blend of ink jet printing with acid free watercolor papers, archival pigment inks which are fade resistant and canvas. In simple terms they refer to digital reproductions which appear like fine art.

Giclee canvas prints have revolutionized the way we look at owning great paintings. Earlier we had originals are hard to come by and small print renditions which acted as consolation prize. But with giclee canvas we can now be proud owners of reproductions that so closely resemble the original.

Advantages of Giclee prints:

  • Superior quality of reproduction which is consistent with museum standards
  • The use of archival inks and not dyes will make sure that giclee prints will last longer than normal prints. If kept away from the sun they last up to 200 yrs.
  • Harder to differentiate from originals
  • Precise color coordination and finer color correction
  • Pigment printing to render subtle gradations and colors
  • More controlled production process
  • More affordable for individual artists to own the giclee printers
  • Richer colors
  • Waterproof, smudge proof, and more durable

Giclee canvas prints are a craze with the art world today. Artists and museums alike are using giclee prints to create copies and reproductions of their work. This is aimed at not just spreading art faster but also securing copies in case something happens to the original.

Not just art, photography too has benefited greatly with the advent of giclee prints. Now you can print your most memorable moments in glicee canvas to make them last forever. Some printers even allow embellishing the photograph to imitate a brush stroke making them look more original.

Giclee prints are great for artists who want to reach out to a larger audience. In spite of the mass production the quality of each print remains the same as the original. It is a great business opportunity for printers who want to offer more than the traditional silkscreen and offset prints, and a boon for individuals who want special ways to preserve their fond memories. Giclee prints are a blend of realistic photography with life like art. No matter which medium you print on the authenticity of the original image remains intact.