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Decorate Your Home with a Trendy and Gorgeous Custom Canvas Print

Canvas art or stretch canvas is also popularly known for canvas print. Canvas print is an image printed on to canvas and is being stretched and wrapped in a frame before it is displayed. Usually, this type of print is used for the interior design that has stock or customized images and your personal photographs. The canvas is cut into different sizes and pasted or stapled into a stretcher bars, it can also be stapled into a wooden panel or a gallery wrap or frame, and it can be displayed after printing the image. Usually, the frames are made from solid pine and to add strength, it is underpinned. The print which is used as design makes the edges of a stretcher frame round after it is gallery-wrapped and applied as full-bleed, and it is used to improve the effect of a mounted print into three dimensions. This popular canvas print is perfect for home décor which are chosen by many interior design professionals or even by home owners.

These days, transforming your one of your favorite photos into lovely canvas print by having them custom canvas print. This type of print has the ability in preserving memories and moments for a couple of years. Custom canvas print is perfect in your workplace and home. It is also good for your commercial settings like bars, restaurants and banks and put it into a blank wall space. There are many people or home owners love this type of print because it is not only a home décor but it also adds your room with charm and color into a dramatic way. Custom canvas print is not only an outstanding item for decoration but it is also great for any types of special occasions as a gift. There are printmakers that can give you today’s advancements in printing technology to make your photo as canvas artworks in any format. They can resize your photo and touch up it larger visual appeal before they print with the details on canvas.

Giclee prints are famous in France, it is pronounced as gee’clay and it means to squirt or spray in French but it is not like the standard desktop inkjet printer and this type of print is bigger. There is no screen or any other mechanical devices which are applied into this type of printing, so it means you cannot see any dot screen in the pattern. The photo in giclee prints has all hues and tonalities from its original painting. Giclee prints are sometimes applied as knitting machine because they appear the same to each other. Giclee prints don’t use printer inks, it use special inks like light-fast and to make it stays pure up to 25 years, it is kept out of the sun.