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Canvas Picture Prints

Canvas Picture Print has revolutionized the way people perceive photography today. Now you no longer have to stick to paper prints to secure hardcopies of your memories. Paper which will eventually fade away and rot. Canvas picture prints are the whole new way to preserve your memories. They are better to behold and will definitely last longer than normal paper prints, supposedly across generations.

Canvas pictures from photos are printed with the giclee technology. This kind of printing is done screen or other such mechanical devices so the output shows no dot pattern but an even print which closely resembles an original painting. It uses the inkjet printing technology to create prints of museum quality.

The benefits of canvas picture prints are many. They are the new age methods of preserving memories better. They last much longer and at much more affordable prices than a real portrait would. If you can preserve them well and keep them away from the sun then they are supposed to last longer than 200 years! Imagine how many generations of grandchildren can experience and enjoy the best moments of your life.

First we had cave paintings. Then we had sculpture and paintings. Then came the photographs. The former ones revealed the life and society of the bygone era. The latter showcased not only society but also chronicled the lives and dynasties in personal histories. But sadly these are subject to damage and decline. At the most two generations after you can view what life was like with you. With the advent of gicllee prints, we now have canvas prints which will not just create great prints but also preserve important family history for many generations to come.

The wonder of the canvas Picture Print does not stop at quality and longevity. Amazing as it sounds, giclee is not expensive. it can be mass produced or printed individually at a fraction of a cost than the regular digital prints. This is the reason why giclee’s popularity is equally high commercially as well as for individual use. Many printing houses are offering giclee as their chief service because they offer the best value for money. Artists are interested is giclee because now they have the option of reproducing their work exactly as the original. They can, not just preserve the work but also get good compensation for all the versions. This was earlier impossible with simple print miniatures of their work. Lastly the rise of canvas pictures from photos has paved its popularity as household need. Soon there will be no house remaining which does not boast a giclee version of a family portrait.