• Custom Sizes Available!
  • "Heirloom Quality"

Photogonia established itself as a leading print on canvas company in the canvas art industry.

Photogonia specializes in transfer of photo onto canvas, canvas print and also known as one of the few companies that provide custom size canvas prints and canvas photos. With state of the art printing on canvas technology, Photogonia has become the leader in transferring customers’ photo to canvas and creating outstanding canvas printings to our vast customer base.

Canvas art has the kind of enduring beauty that we cherish in our homes in our lifetimes and leave behind as valuable heirlooms for the generations to come. Today we have canvas printing for all kinds of art forms – from art replicas, pictures to photos on canvas. Now you can choose your favorite family photo and instead of taking a simple print, you can print on canvas. Canvas prints have changed the way we make a gift special, the way we cherish our memories with the customized canvas photos and the way we make them last.

Artists can also find new ways to preserve their art by printing on canvas and ensuring that they do not lose out on their masterpieces once they are sold. In fact they can actually reach out to a larger audience with the canvas print options.